Our partners

For years, the Hotel des Eaux has been working with several partners. 
Come and discover professionals from the hotel and restaurant industry in our company.

Jacquin Edmond & Fils

We have a partnership with the wine estate Edmond Jacquin et Fils located in Jongieux, 30 minutes drive from Aix Les Bains. They have been bottling great Savoy wines for six generations.
We offer you their red and white wines, to be enjoyed at the bar or in the restaurant during a hearty meal.

La Chartreuse

We work in collaboration with the liqueur of the Chartreux Fathers
A liqueur with 130 plants, this number being the only known element of a recipe that retains all its mystery, the Chartreuse has been able to carry its reputation far and wide: that of the Order that elaborated and perfected the recipe in its different versions, but also that of a mountain range from which the emblematic and refined beverage took its name.

We recommend the yellow or green Chartreuse as an after-dinner drink at the hotel bar.

La Poissonnerie de l'étoile

For the restaurant, the Chef cooks with local products. In particular, the fish he orders from the fishmonger's in Voglans, located 15 minutes from the Hôtel des Eaux. 

Thus, we guarantee you a meal based on fresh and quality products.

Alpes Viande

Our meat supplier is the company Alpes Viande in Chambéry (20 minutes by car). 

This family company delivers quality butcher's meat, charcuterie and poultry thanks to its traditional know-how. 

Their meat is certified Organic Agriculture and labelled "La volaille de Bresse" and "Label Rouge".

Café Foll

Our hotel breakfast drinks are ordered from Café Folliet in Chambéry. 

This company was founded in 1880 by the Folliet family. As the business evolved, it became a fully-fledged roasting company. Over time, the factory expanded and had their products delivered to hotel and restaurant companies. 
In 2014, they launched their own brand of tea with more than 40 references of teas and infusions from around the world. 

At the Hotel des Eaux, we offer hot drinks (chocolate, coffee variants, tea and infusions) and cold drinks (apple juice and orange juice) for your hotel breakfasts.

Krys Optique

Krys Optique of Aix Les Bains is one of the partners of the Hotel des Eaux. 

You can find their glasses displayed in the window at the entrance of the establishment.